Why I Started a 2nd Business

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something you truly wanted to do because you feared what people might say?  Fear had a hold of me like something fierce the past few months and I almost wasn't able to shake it loose.  What if people think my first business failed?  What if people think I'm unqualified?  What if people think I'm full of myself and want more attention.  What if, what if, what if.  

Scared I wouldn't be good enough.   Scared of dozens of things that hadn't happened yet.  I flocked to my smallest social media following (Periscope) to share my concerns in a "safe environment" before I told the world.  New Years Eve I literally shook with excitement as I turned my phone on and launched my business for all the world to see.  I figured if I announced it on Periscope that I would actually follow through and low and behold...I pushed the button.  I will be forever grateful for the courage God sent my way to plow through my what ifs.

God even gave me a couple phrases that I kept repeating to myself leading up to the launch: Stop Giving Power to the What IFs, You Can Only Control What IS You Are Competent, You Are Enough. 

Since launching, I have booked five clients in four days.  I do not say that to brag.  Please understand my intent.  I simply want you to know that in the midst of my weakness, God is being glorified.  People are being helped.  Lives are changing and I am thankful.

I am thankful God allowed me to borrow courage from my husband until I had enough of my own.  I am thankful for all my successes and failures that have allowed me to be a better strategist today.  I am thankful that I am able to give more & do more to be a beggar of the poor.

I didn't start this new business because Life Focus was on the rocks.  I started it to meet a need that I believed existed not just in Lynchburg but in communities all around the world.  Business owners every day are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars with no plan, no strategy.  It would be like driving to a place you've never been without a GPS and a full tank of gas.  You could stumble your way through it but you may not hit the target.  You might get close but who knows if you'll run out of resources before you get where you want to be.

I make marketing roadmaps for people in need.

I had to do that for Life Focus when we started from nothing and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do that for other businesses in a big way.  I started this business and let God evolve it into what he wanted it to be.  At first this business had no online component and days later over 80% of my clients are people I've never met.  I have a complete peace about it and I can't wait to see what will happen next.