How to Deal With Closed Doors

Let me start this blog post by saying I’ve sent a lot of time thinking about this subject.  What do you do when doors close?  What is the appropriate Christian response.  I am by no means a scholar but this is what God laid on my heart when I took time to wind down this Wednesday 

What is a closed door?  

So often we hear people say “If God closes one door he’ll open another” or the lesser known one “If God closes a door he’ll open a window”.  To begin with we make life miserable by saying this phrase.  I believe the reason this phrase doesn’t immediately lift our spirits is because it makes less of God.  It makes it seem like it’s God’s responsibility to provide for your happiness; that you ultimately know what’s best for you.  No one knows how to use an invention better than the creator.  Don’t try to diagnose the closed and open doors in your life, simply trust God in all things.  He made the doors, he’ll make a way.

What are the perks to closed doors?  

Who the heck can walk through every open doorway that crosses your path?  How idiotic would it be if you lived life walking through every doorway you could just because it was open?  Why do we feel like God owes us a life of open doors.  Closed doors provide clarity if you are willing to acknowledge them for what they really are…an opportunity for God to show how actively he’s involved in your life.  Closed doors do not mean that God has forsaken you or denied you something that was meant for you.  Closed doors sanctify Christians.  Sanctification is denying you something you think you want or need in exchange for something better, Christ.  Don’t try to pry open closed doors.

God is the God of all doors.  

Doors in your life whether open or closed ultimately serve as an opportunity to reflect the glory of God.  God is glorified in his creation.  Trust that no matter where your life is headed, if you put your faith and trust in God, God is glorified.  You are doing exactly what you were created to do.  Closed doors and all