Purpose of Professions

A profession is a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification and an occupation is simply a job. 

I truly believe that if more people understood the purpose of professions there would be fewer mid-life crises in the world and ultimately joy would abound.  We live in a world where we need money to pay for things.  Unfortunately people don’t just give their money away, so we work for money and we call that a job.  Some people clean for a living, others teach, but we all work so that we can provide for ourselves.  Unfortunately we live in a day and age where people define themselves by what they do.  “I am salesman, a firefighter, a nurse, etc.”  We put so much importance in our professions that we become slaves to them.  If we feel like we have an honorable job like a teacher we feel good about ourselves but if we can only get a job as a janitor we think less of ourselves.  The worst situation is when people fight to turn their degrees into careers and plummet into depression when they are unable to do so. 

Your identity should always be in Christ and not in your job title or profession. 

God uses people not professions to further his kingdom.  He used the equivalent of the IRS, prostitutes and men with speech impediments to do miraculous things.  God can use you no matter what you do for a living.  If your job title matches your degree that’s a blessing but if you can provide for yourself that’s also a blessing.  No matter who cuts your paycheck.  So when you feel like a disappointment because you spent money on a degree and your job title has nothing to do with it, remember that God is still being glorified.  When you feel like your job is nothing to brag about, boast in God’s provision.  God is good. Always.

BusinessLaShonda Delivuk