Meet LaShonda

LaShonda Brown is a CMO, Brand Strategist & Commercial Film Producer based in VA.  She began acting at 7 years old which sparked her interest in marketing her personal brand.  From an early age she developed her resume, business cards and fabulous flash website to market herself and secure acting gigs.  Her first venture was a not for profit theatre company called Transformation Theatre Company.  Through TTC, she raised over $20K through performances she backed with her personal finances from her $500/month student worker job.  Her senior year, she and her husband Josh left their jobs to start Life Focus Pictures.  Life Focus is a successful full service video production company which recently won Small Business of the Year: Business/Professional Services.

New Year's Day 2016 everything changed.
LaShonda launched her 2nd business called About 90 Marketing live on Periscope.  The response was tremendous and pushed her into the limelight as she shared her passion for helping women survive in business.

She is in the process of writing her first book & by 30 she would like to be known as an author, speaker & investor.

Through it all, God has remained the cornerstone, not just in her marriage but in her businesses as well.  As often as she can, she points people back to the work of the cross as her "secret sauce" for business success.
"God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. I thought I was training myself for Broadway.  My identity was consumed by my ability to play pretend but God had bigger plans. I am who I am, I know what I know by the grace of God and that's that."

LaShonda was a nominee for the prestigious ATHENA award & Best Civic Leader by Lynchburg Living.  Her photography has been published in magazines all over the region, she worked with over 200 brands fine tuning their marketing since 2011 & she is in line to be the first Black Female President of Lynchburg Morning Rotary Club in 2018.