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"Marketing Strategies for the Slow Months"

For most retailers, the holiday season is the most wonderful and critical time for sales. If a storefront business can capitalize on the increased foot traffic and spending, it has the potential to catapult earnings into a strong first quarter and carry revenue into spring. What if there was a way to prolong the holiday season? What if you could implement a few strategies in the New Year that would help sustain you when things slow down?

Here are four practical marketing strategies you can implement today to help keep your cash flowing: READ MORE

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"Small Businesses on the Rise : About 90 Marketing"

It is safe to say that LaShonda Brown’s lucky number is 90. Her marketing company, About 90 Marketing, has enjoyed tremendous growth and success in its first year of operation and shows no signs of slowing down.

Brown launched About 90 on Periscope, a live video streaming app, when the clock struck midnight on January 1, 2016. “It was an incredible experience because I immediately got in the truck to drive to Pennsylvania to be with family after the broadcast,” Brown recalls. “While I was away, I received a new client every day during vacation because of the livestream. This ignited my curiosity with using livestreaming, and it remains my number one marketing tool to this day.” READ MORE

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Columnist - Building a Diverse & Thriving Membership
"How to Attract Millennials to Rotary"

How has an organization founded by a man under 40 lost its relevancy among young people in the same country in which it began? I adore participating in Rotary, but as I ventured outside of my district I noticed something jarring—in America and around the world, very few millennials are involved in Rotary. People aged 18-35 just don't come. In session after session, training after training, I heard that Rotary is shrinking in the US. Members are dying off and are not being replaced by younger blood, and something needs to change…stat.

In these sessions, I sat back quietly as people rattled off potential solutions to this giant problem: lower dues and attendance requirements, flexible meetings, more socials, membership drives, and the list goes on. But one thing irked me. More often than not, no one thought to ask the millennial in the room.

Though I’ve always been considered an old soul, I’m 27. I'm a millennial, I'm an entrepreneur, and I became a member of Rotary when I was 23 years old. In the early stages of working from home, I struggled to build relationships with like-minded people because my job kept me fairly isolated. After shopping around and seeing other service clubs, I settled on Rotary because it felt like home. Fast-forward four years and now I serve as my club’s President Elect, Secretary and Public Image Chair. Rotary changed my life, so I chose to write this article in an effort to see Rotary not just survive but thrive. READ MORE