Motivation Monday | Robin Foutz

There are times in your life, if you're lucky, that you have a chance to meet a person who can find the silver lining in all situations.  They can stare in the face of adversity and say with boldness BUT GOD.  But God loves me, But God cares for me, But God still hears me when I's all good.  That's Robin. 

Robin Foutz

Every time I interact with her she fills my heart with the truth of the gospel and leaves me overflowing with the Joy of the Lord.  You would never know by the smile that seems permanently fixed on her face that she's faced hard times.  Her son was hit by a car and is still needs medical attention every day. But instead of staying down she devotes her time to sharing the promises of God with anyone who'll listen. 


In the midst of working a full time job as a very successful employee benefits agent, she also found the time to launch a ministry called Relentless Living Ministries.  I see the tug on her heart to reach the lost and inspire the saved to embrace their purpose to impact eternity.  God is going to give her a platform...I can just feel it.  But until then, she hits the streets.  She shares the Word with everyone she meets. 

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What motivates me most about Robin is that she doesn't waste a single opportunity to bring glory to God.  It's so easy to be career driven and lose sight of being purpose driven.  Robin seems to have that balance and that's why she motivates me.

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Robin, on this beautiful Monday morning I want you to know, "There's something inside you that motivates us all" ~LaShonda