Living Life Like It's Golden

Ladies, we have the constant struggle as female entrepreneurs balancing the fashionable with the practical.  Sure we'd love to wear stilettos and high end brands every day but for those working ladies who are the first to get to the office and the last to leave we have to be a bit more reasonable.  So that's why I am IN LOVE with my Gold OTBT wedges.  They go with just about everything in my wardrobe from my skinny jeans to floral prints PLUS I can wear them all day without my feet begging for mercy haha.  Consider wedges the next time you pick out an outfit for a day at the office.  You carry yourself with more authority when you wear heels but distributing your weight over a wedge instead of sharp heel makes shoes as comfortable as a pair of tennis shoes.  Sometimes you have to dress for the day you want to have.  Look the way you want to feel and eventually you will feel the way you look.  Works for me ;)

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