Motivation Monday | Rachel Bee

I've known who Rachel was the for the longest time but it took us a while to really get to know each other. The first time I saw her I remember being impressed by her musical talent. The fact that she was a female drummer and a KILLER one at that blew me away.  Over the years she started to show more and more of her talents and it really seemed like there was no end in sight.  She could drum, sing, play guitar...and then there's the kicker...SHE'S A NURSE!

When I attended Liberty I had a lot of friends who were in the nursing program and I remember how incredibly taxing the requirements could be. You'd never know that talking to Rachel.  This is no exaggeration.  She has never been negative with me about hard work or commitments.  She has such a beautiful outlook on life and is always willing to serve when she can. What warms my heart most about Rachel is she is will to volunteer when there's no praise involved.  I called on her to help me decorate the tree for church and Rachel was there.  We needed help planning a worship team party and Rachel was there.  Mike & Kristen even needed help repairing their basement apartment and Rachel was there with the biggest smile on her face.  I can't explain to you what an encouragement it is to see her serve but I am so thankful to be her friend. 


Rachel and I are the class clowns when it comes to serving on the worship team.  Repetitive choruses and predictable rhythm sections could easily make us laugh to the point of tears.  This may seem like such a simple thing but it's so refreshing to be around someone who doesn't take life so seriously that she can't poke fun at the little things.  At our worship retreat Rachel fully committed to the hot wing contest and had horrible indigestion. Did she feel bad?  Well her stomach may have but she seemed incredibly happy that she won.  Covered in sauce, laughing hysterically, she won and that's all that mattered.

I'm so thankful that she and I were able to do this shoot because for the first time in our relationship I was able to put her in the spotlight.  Rachel doesn't have much but she has fullness of joy that lights up every room she walks into.  She is absolutely stunning and she has a way of making you feel like the most important person in the room.  Her honesty and humility is so heart warming.  You know if you tell Rachel how you feel there won't be an ounce of judgment in the room and when she says she's going to pray for you she means it.  I know that she has some big desires that God hasn't seen fit to give yet but her passion for serving him in the meantime is absolutely breathtaking.  I love to see the way she loves her husband.  Rachel is his biggest cheerleader and I'll be so happy for them both when he finishes med school.  There are very few people I can say truly live out the gospel in their daily life and Rachel Bee is one of the few.  She's funny, spunky, and LOVES tacky Christmas sweaters.  She's the best and she motivates me to love others unconditionally each and every day.