Motivation Monday | McKenzie Snavely

Jack of all trades, master of none.  I was absolutely shocked when these words came out of her mouth. When I look at McKenzie I see someone who navigates through life masterfully and this blog post is my little attempt to show her the "renaissance woman" I see when I look at her.

I'm typically good about pin pointing the exact moment a person enters my life.  For whatever reason my brain likes to retain that information and regurgitate it without warning.  Trust me, I'm not exaggerating.  I've been in Sam's Club buying fruit when my brain decided it would be a logical thing for me to run up to the owner of Putt Putt Golf and remind him how we met.  Oh and while I was at it ask him how his latest promotion was going because let's face it...I'm an odd bird.  

I say all that to say we all have quirks.  Beautiful, silly, unpredictable quirks that rise to the surface when given the opportunity but the world needs us quirks and all. 


When I saw the photo of McKenzie and her hubby I had NO CLUE whether or not she had ever done film acting but I didn't care.  I liked her look and that's all I needed to know. 

McKenzie showed up for the commercial shoot for Bowen (I believe this was the first time we formally met in person) and immediately said "I've  never done this before" to which I replied " big deal..I trust you".  Whatever we asked her to do she did it beautifully no matter how silly our direction.  "McKenzie can you caress the rings, McKenzie can you do exactly what you just did but half the speed" get the picture.  The point I'm trying to make is she was never phased.   


The ability to navigate through whatever task life puts in front of you is an incredible skill that only a few people are blessed to have.  In my short time of knowing her I've seen her sing at White Hart, paint for a family member, bake for a downtown chocolate bar & do a fabulous updo for a formal occasion.  I would have to practice for days before I could perform in a coffee shop, my artwork looks like I have two left hands, everything I bake deflates & all I know how to do to my hair is wash and go.    

McKenzie you are stunning.  McKenzie you are talented.  Trust that the world needs you just the way you are.  Keep mastering life.  Just keep being you and you'll be just fine ;)