Motivation Monday | Azalea Faye

Years ago I was exploring Instagram and I stumbled across a tiny petite woman with huge bright pink hair. Her children were adorable, her videos were hysterical and they were all about the crunchy lifestyle.  As she talked about unschooling her children and not shaving her pits one thought would not leave my mind...HOW DID SHE END UP IN LYNCHBURG lol.

Azalea Faye has taken Lynchburg by storm showing people new ways to experience life and appreciate the little things.  Her breast feeding oasis was the talk of Get Downtown and she continues to show me time and time again that thinking outside the box is simply a better way to live.  It wasn't until I started hosting my meetups that I was finally able to meet this beauty in person.  Very few people realize that I have serious anxiety when it comes to doing something new, especially when that new thing requires me to put myself out there in order to succeed. My first meetup happened on the rainiest day I'd seen in Lynchburg literally ALL YEAR.  The flash rainstorm was so hard that it caused a car trunk to pop open because of the weight.  I was literally on the verge of tears as I knew in my heart I put myself out there on the worst possible day for success.  I did it all for nothing.  Who would show up in this mess even if they did RSVP online.

Enter Azalea Faye.


True to her word she showed up wet.  Soaking wet.  I mean actually dripping wet.  Clothes sticking to her body, makeup running kind of get the point. I immediately thought "how could you possibly complain?  At least you were inside when the storm hit."  I rushed to her overwhelmed with pity trying to help dry her off.  I couldn't imagine having to make a first impression in her condition.  Then she rocked my world.  

She totally blew it off.  So what she was wet.  Life moves on.

I don't have kids but I can tell you Azalea's littles are so lucky to have a mom like her.  Her joy is absolutely infectious and she finds something to appreciate and be thankful for everywhere she looks.  Beautiful graffiti, a fun hat, a little laughter on a freezing morning.  I don't know how she does it but she challenges me daily to live my life to the fullest.  


She encourages others to be confident no matter how small the minds are around you.  It would be easy for Azalea to thrive in Portland or Austin but I'm so glad she chose Lynchburg as her home base.  We need more people like Azalea.  People who are willing to commit fully to being uniquely you.  Azalea, I look forward to our friendship continuing to grow in the months to come.  You stole my heart at "crunchy".  So happy to say I know you ;)


You can read more about Azalea on her blog,