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"20 on the Rise"
Image Maker Award Winner

What inspired you to become an image maker?

There were more images needed and I wanted to help meet the need. Am I the best photographer in the world? Certainly not. But do I have a passion for providing images to companies looking to be more inclusive in their marketing who previously didn't have much to choose from...yes. Eye for Ebony is only 11 months old but it's been viewed over 20 million times since I posted the first image. Major Fortune 500 companies using my images proved to me there's a demand for images that capture all shades of life. I'm just thrilled I get to be a part of making that happen. READ MORE


The Rotarian

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"4 Questions About Attracting Young People to Rotary"

How can Rotary clubs reach more young people?

I think many people just don’t know about it. I have gotten in the habit of telling my friends about Rotary and what we are up to. I try to post about it on my personal Facebook wall. Word of mouth is extremely powerful; do projects that get you excited so that you naturally want to talk about them with your friends. 

Millennials don’t like to be talked at. They want you to talk with them and have a dialogue. Take people out for coffee – whether millennial, middle age, or older person. Talking with people is never going to go out of style. READ MORE


Lynchburg Business Magazine

Columnist - Marketing
"Growth Through Giveaways”


It may seem counterintuitive to increase your income by giving items away, but giveaways are an extremely effective form of relationship marketing. They produce a feeling of goodwill between you, your customers and even potential customers which has a direct correlation to how they perceive the brand.

People are way more likely to invest dollars and rave about a company that has previously given to them. However, there is a downside to this strategy. If not executed correctly, giveaways can manufacture a vapid social following or email list filled with people who never intended on purchasing from your business. You’ll see this occur frequently after tradeshows and expos where vendors ask for a person’s name and email address in exchange for a chance to win a prize. But if you focus giveaways on your ideal customer, you can increase the conversion rate and benefit your company greatly.

Four local entrepreneurs have offered up their advice to help you reframe your thinking about growth through giveaways. Which approach will you take in 2019? READ MORE


Lynchburg Business Magazine

Columnist - Marketing
"5 Ways to Turn Your Business into a Destination"

Location matters. If it didn’t Walgreens wouldn’t spend top dollar to be on the “corner of happy and healthy.” But not everyone can afford prime real estate for their businesses. So what do you do? How can you turn any address into a shopping destination? Believe it or not food trucks have mastered this art and I will share my top five observations to help you transform your business into a destination.


Lynchburg Business Magazine

Columnist - Marketing
"Marketing Strategies for the Slow Months"

For most retailers, the holiday season is the most wonderful and critical time for sales. If a storefront business can capitalize on the increased foot traffic and spending, it has the potential to catapult earnings into a strong first quarter and carry revenue into spring. What if there was a way to prolong the holiday season? What if you could implement a few strategies in the New Year that would help sustain you when things slow down?

Here are four practical marketing strategies you can implement today to help keep your cash flowing: READ MORE


Non-Profit Performance 360 Magazine

Columnist - Building a Diverse & Thriving Membership
"How to Attract Millennials to Rotary"

How has an organization founded by a man under 40 lost its relevancy among young people in the same country in which it began? I adore participating in Rotary, but as I ventured outside of my district I noticed something jarring—in America and around the world, very few millennials are involved in Rotary. People aged 18-35 just don't come. In session after session, training after training, I heard that Rotary is shrinking in the US. Members are dying off and are not being replaced by younger blood, and something needs to change…stat.

In these sessions, I sat back quietly as people rattled off potential solutions to this giant problem: lower dues and attendance requirements, flexible meetings, more socials, membership drives, and the list goes on. But one thing irked me. More often than not, no one thought to ask the millennial in the room.

Though I’ve always been considered an old soul, I’m 27. I'm a millennial, I'm an entrepreneur, and I became a member of Rotary when I was 23 years old. In the early stages of working from home, I struggled to build relationships with like-minded people because my job kept me fairly isolated. After shopping around and seeing other service clubs, I settled on Rotary because it felt like home. Fast-forward four years and now I serve as my club’s President Elect, Secretary and Public Image Chair. Rotary changed my life, so I chose to write this article in an effort to see Rotary not just survive but thrive. READ MORE